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Petrochemical Industry Products

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Metal Seated Valves (MTM)

Robust and Reliable

Habonim's metal seated ball valves are designed for the severe service challenges of the petrochemical industry: operation under extreme temperatures, high pressure and other punishing conditions. Their superior engineered design and rigid construction make Habonim metal seated valves the right choice for the industry’s toughest applications.

Advanced design features include:

  • Full port design, as standard, for high flow capacity and minimum turbulences
  • Mate lapped metal ball and seats for 100% contact and absolute shutoff
  • Preload of the ball/seats set maintained by Inconel 718 Belleville spring,
    to ensure low valve operating torque
  • Superior seal design assures zero emissions/leakage and long operating life in severe conditions: live loaded stem seal,
    encapsulated body seals, rigid one piece stem extension for extreme applications, unique downstream seat seal design to eliminate eat back flow and in-line leakage
  • State-of-the-art surface treatments and coatings – Habonim’s unique Low Temperature Plasma Nitriding (LTPN) offers for greater hardness and excellent corrosion resistance. Also available: Salt-bath Nitriding (DHN), Chromium Carbide coating, Tungesten Carbide, and Stellite.
  • Variety of valve end connections: welded, screwed, flanged
Size Range: 1/4”-8”(DN8-DN200)
Construction: Uni-directional, Full-port
Series in Range: 28Z (High-pressure), 47 (3-piece), 73 / 74 (Full bore ANSI flange) 77 / 78 (Full bore DIN flange)
Typical Service: Super heated steam, hot gas, coal ash, high viscous media, molten metals
Pressure Range: Vacuum 10-6 Torr to 414 bar (6000 psi)
Temperature Range: -196°C to +650°C (-320°F to 1200°F)
Materials: Carbon steel, Stainless Steel, Super Duplex
End connections: Flanged, threaded, welded, extended welded
  ISO 10497 & API 607 6th Fire type-testing requirements
ANSI/ASME B16.34 - 2009 - Valves Flanged, Threaded and Welding End
BS EN ISO 17292 - Anti-static - Metal ball valves for the petroleum, petrochemical and allied industries
API spec 6D - Specification for Pipeline Valves
ISO 14313 - Petroleum and natural gas industries - Pipeline transportation systems - Pipeline valves
Operation: Lever or gear operated, pneumatic or electrically actuated
Double Block & Bleed (DBB)

Habonim Dual-Safe DBB series is an optimal design solution
that prevents furnace explosions in fuel and oil furnaces. The
rugged Dual-Safe unit incorporates two mainisolation valves and
one bleed valve in a single compact body, reducing potential
leakage points to an absolute minimum. The DBB features dubble
tight shutoff on all three valves, tongue and groove design for all
body seals and a coupled operating mechanism to reduce the
number of actuators on the main line. Habonim’s DBB valves
incorporate HermetiX™ ZERO-Stem-Leak technology as standard.


Quick Shut-off Pneumatic Actuator - Compact II

The patented 4-piston quarter turn actuator delivers twice the
torque in a smaller housing. The fastest cycling, most reliable
pneumatic actuator with the highest cycle life performance in the
market today. The Compact actuator has emergency shutdown
applications and comes with a 7-year warranty due to its high
performance and reliability.



Habonim’s unique, patent-pending HermetiX™
technology offers ZERO-Stem-Leak and optional Fire-Safe
capabilities, which are critical in the petrochemical industry.


Pneumatic Actuator
Special Solutions

Habonim provides customer valve assemblies for unique one- off applications or whole system solutions. Precision engineered to exacting tolerances, Habonim custom valves, manifolds and special solutions meet the highest demands of high pressure, corrosive and extreme temperature applications within a wide range of sizes and materials.