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LNG dedicated solution

A Dedicated LNG Solutions
Valves, actuators & specials

LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) production involves handling
rough, unrefined materials in harsh conditions while
adhering to strict safety and quality requirements.
From coping with contaminants and high pressure during
extraction of the raw gas from deep beneath the earth’s
surface, to converting gas at extreme temperatures,
Habonim valves provide high quality, durable and reliable
solutions to the challenges inherent in LNG processing.



Raw gas feed Gas treatment Liquefaction Storage Transportation Storage Regasification Distribution

  • Extraction - Habonim Metal to Metal (MTM) valves can withstand the high pressure extraction phase and remain
    unaffected by the abrasive content of the raw material, even at high process pressures.

  • Processing - Habonim MTM valves are specially designed to handle the cleaning of the raw material and the filtering
    of unwanted gases and compounds prior to liquefaction.

  • Liquefaction - Habonim Cryogenic Valves are designed to endure the cooling and condensing process involved in
    turning natural gas into liquid form and most importantly, to ensure that the consistency and combustion characteristics
    of the material are not jeopardized.

  • Storage and Transport - Habonim Cryogenic Valves are used when transferring LNG from storage containers at
    Liquefaction plants to tankers for transport by sea or land, ensuring that the LNG maintains the desired cryogenic
    temperature of approximately -196°C (-320.8°F).

  • Regasification - At the LNG import Terminal, Habonim Cryogenic Valves are used to transfer LNG to special storage tanks,
    prior to regasification. Habonim’s fire-safe valves are critical during the regasification phase when the LNG is heated to
    convert it into the desired gaseous form for commercial distribution.


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