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LNG Industry Products

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Cryogenic Valves

Operating in challenging environments at extremely low temperatures,
Habonim Cryogenic valves consistently meet the requirements of industrial
LNG processing. Active in the LNG liquefaction, storage and distribution
phases, Habonim cryogenic valves ensure that the properties of the gas
are maintained and that the process is carried out safely and effectively.

Specific design features that set the Habonim Cryogenic
valve series apart include:

Proven Tongue and Groove Body Design - A distinctive labyrinth design that ensures zero leakage to the atmosphere, accurate alignment of the body and ends, and the full compression of the expanded graphite body seal.

Pioneering Zero Leakage Stem Packing - The unique geometry of Habonim’s patented HermetiX™ stem packing provides zero leakage and a maintenance-free product life.

Its flexible X shape allows a dynamic sealing arrangement in case of stem side load occurrence. All stem links have a four year warranty.

Safest Valve in the Market - Habonim Cryogenic valves are fire-safe, anti-static, and possess short bolts to avoid leaks between the bolts and the body. Cryogenic valves also have a relief hole in the valve ball on the upstream side, preventing pressure build up due to thermal expansion.

100% Compliance - All Habonim Cryogenic valves comply to the BS6364 and EN1626 standards and EN12567are produced under special conditions to ensure tight machining tolerances, a high quality surface finish and meticulous material selection.


Metal Seated Valves (MTM)

Habonim's metal seated ball valves are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, high pressure, and abrasive media. The superior engineered design and rigid construction make Habonim MTM valves suitable for the industry's toughest applications.


High Pressure - H27 Series

Habonim’s line of high pressure ball valves in ANSI classes up to 2500 are uniquely suited to demanding high pressure environments such as offshore, petrochemical and oil refining applications. The H27 series’ unique ball and seat configuration and long-life valve construction delivers reliable performance with a smooth two-way flow, a working pressure of up to 6,000 psi, tight shutoff and instant adaptability to changing pressures and temperature variations


Quick Shut-off Pneumatic Actuator

The patented 4-piston quarter turn actuator delivers twice the torque in a smaller housing. Fastest cycling, most reliable pneumatic actuator with the highest cycle life performance in the market today. The Compact actuator has emergency shutdown applications and comes with a 7-year warranty due to its high performances and superb reliability.


HermetiX Series

Habonim’s 3-piece ball valve series is suitable for applications requiring high flow capacity and tight shutoff - where reliability, functionality and flexibility are essential for product quality. The valves meet the toughest industry requirements and international standards.


Pneumatic Actuator
Special Solutions DBB Cryogenic

Habonim’s 1-piece ball valves in ANSI classes 150 and 300 offer tight shutoff, long service life, high durability and exceptional performance in many service applications under the most severe working conditions.