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> Engineering Information > Chemical Compatibility Guide  

Chemical Compatibility Guide

Technical Information

The information presented in this bulletin is intended as a guide to the chemical resistance of materials used in the manufacture of HABONIM Valves. Many factors which influence corrosion rating, such as temperature fluctuations, concentration and aeration of fluids, high velocity or abrasions in the fluid stream, have been taken into account. The physical properties of a material are affected differently by each corrosive media and it is sometimes necessary to sacrifice valves with one property to gain a maximum resistant valve with another property. An "A" rating is associated with internal moving parts, in direct contact with the media. in some cases a "B" rating can be given to body material in direct contact with media if the corrosion rate is not such as to cause any serious problem.

Rating Explanation

A / Excellent B / Good C / Poor D / Do not use

Blank = No information available
Ratings are based on media at room temperatures unless otherwise specified.

We advise that ratings given be used as a guide to the selection of valve materials and not as an absolute recommendation.

Although most of the suggested ratings in the corrosion data chart are based on experience, Habonim cannot accept responsibility for problems arising from use of this data.

We do however recommend that in critical applications, tests will be conducted to verify the rating.



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